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2018 Social Selling Statistics You Need to Know

As a salesperson having already embraced the world of social selling, you are probably wondering how to up your game for the remainder of 2018. Or perhaps you are wondering whether social selling is still worth the extra effort? We look at some helpful statistics below, many of which are sure to provide answers to these questions.

  • Sales Performance 

According to Forbes, salespeople who make use of social media to find leads and build relationships with potential clients perform 78% better than those of their peers who do not. Along with this, it has been found that approximately 62% of salespeople who do not utilise social media platforms to their advantage tend to miss their quota.

  • Is Cold Calling the Better Option? 

If you’re trying to figure out where your efforts will be better spent in terms of making the most possible sales this year, it might be a good idea to put old-fashioned cold calling at the bottom of your list. If the Keller Research Centre’s findings are to be believed, cold calling has a disappointing 2.5% success rate.

  • B2B Research 

Just like B2C customers make use of the internet to do research before making important buying decisions, so to do B2B customers, according to a recent study conducted by the Corporate Executive Board. In fact, 77% of B2B purchasers claimed that they would not even consider speaking to a salesperson until they had done their own research online. Along with this, it was found that over 55% of all buyers conduct the vast majority of their research using social media.

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