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2018 Is the Year of Sales Enablement

Before I talk about how social selling can stimulate your sales enablement and vice-versa, let’s define exactly what this latest buzzword means.

What Is Sales Enablement? 

To engage customers throughout the buying process, your sales team needs to know what makes them tick. Sales Enablement provides sales reps with the resources they need to be able to sell more effectively – from enriching content which your sales department can share with prospects at the appropriate time, to tools such as research and best practices which is designed for consumption by the salespeople.

The most successful organizations use synergy and teamwork to stay ahead of the curve. When the sales, marketing and enablement staff work together, the goals of the business are more readily accomplished. As the “glue” between sales and marketing, the four main aspects of sales enablement include:

  1. Deal support (deal strategy, competitive intelligence)
  2. Sales content (sales decks, battle cards)
  3. Delivering sales training
  4. Tech (evaluating, buying and rolling out technology that can help your reps sell more)

The Cycle of Sales Enablement 

Looking at the four characteristics listed above, it is clear how sales enablement is a fluid, cyclic process rather than a once-off event.

The latest tech makes it easier for salespeople to sell more. Increased customers give us better insight into their needs and desires. Using these insights, strategic deals and sales content can be developed. Once shared with the reps through training and with quality support, your sales team will have more buy-in regarding the tech… And so, the progression spirals to ever-better heights.

Sales Enablement and Social Selling 

Once you have detailed your current sales process from the point of view of both sales and marketing, establish sales enablement as the go-to system. Social selling is an additive process that complements your existing sales process. Bearing in mind that 85% percent of your sales and marketing colleagues are visual learners, leverage visuals to share strategic steps the salespeople can add to their existing activity to contribute to social selling.

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