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3 Industries That Will Benefit from Social Selling and Why

Salespeople from all over the world are flocking to social media platforms in an effort to try their hand at the art of social selling. Seeing as though the vast majority of technology-driven companies are progressive by nature, it is this industry that has enjoyed the most success from this new approach to building relationships with potential clients. However, it definitely isn’t the only industry that may benefit from a social selling strategy! We take a look at three other industries that should be adopting the practice going forward.

The Financial Services Industry 

Due to the fact that this particular industry tends to have longer sales cycles, and that many financial services professionals are already well-versed in digital technology, a social selling approach to finding and educating potential buyers is the perfect fit.

 The Healthcare Devices Industry 

This is an extremely specialised industry that hires only the most dedicated of salespeople to sell and educate the public about its offering. Since the buyer of particular medical devices will be a very specific type of person/business, social selling can help to improve targeting for the sales team and help to simplify the inevitably complex sales cycles that the industry is known for.

 The Manufacturing Industry 

Salespeople working within the manufacturing industry can use the social selling approach to finding potential clients to their advantage by utilising social media portals to convince the public that they are knowledgeable about what they do and the type of service/product that they offer. They may also wish to make use of portals, such as LinkedIn, to find insights in terms of their potential clients, as well as their already-existing clients.

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