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3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is Every Social Seller’s Secret Weapon

Social selling is all about using social media platforms to your advantage when it comes to starting conversations and building relationships with potential clients. While social media marketing sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have their place in social selling; LinkedIn is by far the most valuable secret weapon for social selling professionals all around the globe. Here are 3 reasons why:

  • It Is A B2B Hub

LinkedIn was created for the sole purpose of connecting professionals with one another. Did you know that well over half of all the businesses in the world have an active LinkedIn page? And that 50% of all B2B buyers turn to the platform when making purchasing decisions? With these statistics in mind, it is no wonder that 92% of B2B marketers who focus on social selling say that they will always use LinkedIn as their preferred social media platform when approaching prospects.

  • It Boasts An Interesting Market 

Yes – LinkedIn is literally the only social media platform that has more 30 to 49 year old users than 18 to 29 year old users out of its 562 million total sign-ups. Considering that the 30 to 49 year old market is likely to be the specific market that you are targeting, LinkedIn presents a much greater opportunity to get in touch with these individuals.

  • It Promises A High Conversion Rate 

If the goal is to convert leads into sales (and of course it is!), LinkedIn should be your go-to. Most social selling professionals who use LinkedIn have a 2,74% success rate when converting leads into sales. Considering that the cold calling conversion rate is well under 2%, that is a pretty impressive achievement!

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