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3 Things A Sales Manager Should Do To Boost Social Selling Activities

As a front-line sales manager, you need to help your sales team to shift to social selling. There are a few different ways you can do this. Here are three actions that you can start doing right now:

Become A Connector

As a front-line sales manager, you have built many relationships in your industry. You can reverse engineer your own network as well as the network of others within your organisation, be a connector, and pass down leads to your sales team.

To do this, go into LinkedIn and break down the relationships you have into vendors, partners, existing clients and former clients. Figure out ways to drive leads back to your sales force.

Be A Content Concierge

Whether you use a free tool like Feedly or a premium content library, your job as the leader is to read great content. Stay on top of social marketing and business trends by reading, for example, HubSpot and Harvard Business Review, and sharing interesting content with your sales team. Ask them to digest the content you share with them and share relevant content with their own clients. Focus on becoming a library for your sales team because your sales people are probably so busy that they are neglecting the reading of all the micro and macro details of your industry. Curate great insights so that you can show your team where your market is heading in the next five years.

Be An Account And/Or Market Radar

You are the glue between your sales team and your existing customers’ success team. Measuring and monitoring any micro and macro activities that can give your sales people a reason to talk to clients is a great way to help them to sell more.

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