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4 Rules for Endurance in Social Selling

By David Duncan

There are a number of best practices for successful social selling, and most will remain static. However, underpinning everything – the following four rules these will never change, no matter what technological advancements and tools alter the way we network, market and gather data to hone our social selling techniques.

Remember – first impressions still count 

Plan what face you and your brand are going to present to the world. Don’t just jump in thinking you can wing it and make adjustments as you go along. Nothing online ever goes away.

Understand the subtleties of different social platforms 

What works on Facebook or on Twitter might not work on LinkedIn. You don’t need to create personal ‘sub-brands’ to fit with each network (in fact it’s best if you don’t), but you and your brand are multifaceted – so think about which aspects work best on which networks.

Be authentic 

Make sure that your profiles reflect the best of you. Be open, personal and real. The overly promotional and hyped-up personal brand of yesteryear is won’t work for you if it doesn’t reflect who you are and what your brand is. Over-the-top worked for Tony Robbins because that’s who he is. If you aren’t like him, don’t try to fool your social and B2B connections. They’ll end up not trusting you.

Build brand trust 

Don’t offer what you can’t deliver. Not once, ever. Start small if you need to and build from there. That’s going forward, and that’s what you need to be seen doing. Another good way to build brand trust is to gather genuine testimonials from the start and keep in contact with those customers. (Be careful of opening yourself up to testimonials until you are sure you can deliver a 5 star product – or at least come very close!)

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