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4 Tips to help you Align your Marketing and Sales Team

By Rob Thomas 

It’s the usual company nightmare. Your sales team and marketing (social selling and traditional marketing) teams don’t see eye to eye. However, one can’t function without the other. How can you get these two crucial facets of your company to work together?

  1. Get them on the same page

In many cases, the bone of contention between sales people and marketing teams has to do with marketing materials. It may be that your sale’s team is complaining of insufficient marketing materials while your marketing team claims that the materials are adequate but are not being used properly.

Finger-pointing does nothing to resolve the issues. It is important to get the two teams on the same page. When they think of themselves as part of a single team, then they will begin to work cooperatively towards a common goal.

  1. Help the two functions understand their differing timelines

Sales teams and marketing teams have different timelines that drive their operations. Marketing teams are mostly focused on long term goals such as building the brand and expanding market reach. Sales people are more focused on short term goals such as immediate transactions and actual sales.

It’s important to ensure that each team understands the goals of the other team. Sales people should strive to grasp how marketing plans turn into future sales. Marketers should strive to understand how short-term sales provide valuable information to guide future marketing strategies.

  1. Using stalled leads to improve marketing strategies

To generate a steady stream of sales, sales teams rely on pre-qualified leads. However, marketers also need data from stalled leads in order to improve their strategies. It’s important to encourage sales people to provide data on stalled leads and emphasize to the marketers the value of this data. It’s a win-win for both teams.

  1. Get them under one roof

Modern digital marketing data has made it possible to quantify marketing results similarly to those of sales. Marketing and sales performance can now both be communicated through dollars and cents. However, in order to encourage a unified front, you will need a more unified structure for your business. Get your sales and marketing teams to operate under a single machine. They should both be accountable to the same person to encourage a single team perspective.

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