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5 Studies That Prove the Power of Social Selling

By Peter Fieger

Social selling is about more than posts and tweets. You have to nurture your prospects and convert them into long term customers for repeat sales or referrals. You’ve probably heard that social media marketing is quite powerful in today’s market. If you’re still having doubts, you may want to check out the following scientific studies.

  • The power of incidental connections

A study by University of British Columbia researchers showed that sales reps who shared incidental connections with their prospects were more successful than those who didn’t. These connections included shared birthdays, experiences or even places they grew up.

  • Making sales in a shorter time

A survey, the Social Media and Sales Quota Survey, showed that sells reps who used social media were more effective overall seeing as they exceeded their peers by 23%. Using social media helps to shrink the amount of time required to prospect and allows more time for the reps to engage in making sales.

  • Social media more productive than cold calling

Cold calling was once considered the staple for increasing the prospecting pool. However, a study published in the Harvard Business Review revealed that using social media out-performed traditional sales methods by simply building relationships with potential clients and establishing themselves as industry experts and valuable resources.

  • Investing in relationships results in greater revenue

A study in 2013 by Accenture on sales performance optimization revealed a strong link between developing strong customer relationships and increasing revenue. The report showed that enterprises which were successful revolved around their customers as opposed to internal processes.

  • Sales is changing

The role of sales is changing as was made apparent in the Top Insights of the Corporate Executive Board in 2014. More than 70% of B2B buyers carry out online research before they reach out to sales reps. By this time, more than 50% of them have already made their decision. The role of sales reps has therefore changed from being an information provider to being an influencer.

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