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5 Tips for an Effective Sales Professional’s LinkedIn Profile

By Sharon Herrnstein 

Branding is everything to the sales professional. However, many sales professionals forget to market themselves as brands. You are your personal brand and one of the best ways to market that brand is through leveraging social media.

LinkedIn is becoming increasingly valuable as a social media marketing tool. The following tips will help you build your profile on LinkedIn more effectively:

  1. Upload an approachable and professional photo

First impressions count for a lot. Your chance to make a good first impression on LinkedIn starts with your profile photo. The first thing that people are drawn to when they land on a page is the images and your photo is the main image on your profile. Include a professional and friendly photo that is warm and welcoming to visitors.

  1. Adequate information

People scanning through your profile want to know what you do, what your qualifications are and what you’re interested in. Your profile should be engaging. It should be packed with relevant information showcasing your strengths in social selling.

  1. Communicate value

Readers make the decision of whether to continue reading your profile in a split second. You should therefore make the most important factors obvious to the reader and give them a reason to continue reading. Use your summary and heading to communicate what value you have to offer. It should be immediately clear what services or products you offer and what industry you’re in.

  1. Include a summary for your target audience

Design your profile to suit your target audience. Your summary statement should suggest that you understand your industry and can offer value to your prospects.

  1. Stand out from the competition

Buyers often compare profiles to determine which they should go with. Show your target audience what makes you different from the competition. What value do you have to offer that others don’t? Show the prospects how your solution can help solve their challenges.

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