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Whatever aspect of social selling you are focusing on – be it LinkedIn, social media, or a regular blog – one of the greatest challenges is grabbing your readers’ attention. Considering that there are 2,5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our present level of output; it is not surprising that potential connections may be lost.

Attention! Attention! 

What separates successful relationship builders from mediocre ones is the way they can grab and hold their readers’ attention. The people you wish to reach must be given a reason to focus on your message above all the rest of the information bombarding them. Here are two steps to take to do just that:

Terrific Title 

Because this is the only part of your posts which users are guaranteed to see, your title needs to stand out. The trick is to balance enticing your audience with an idea of what you are covering, with enough suspense to make them click to read more. (“Clickbait” comes to mind. Yes, it has a bad rap. But no, it needn’t mean salacious headings leading to fake news.) When done correctly, a curiosity-tickling headline is a perfect way to get noticed enough to cut through the clutter.

  • The best title length is around 70 characters (approximately 8 words).
  • Title types which are popular can be adapted to suit your communication, and include:
  • How to’s
  • Questions
  • Lists
  • Rankings
  • Actions to take

Creative Content 

Once you have the attention of your prospects, you need to make it worth their while to stay. Humans are ego-centric, nosy and sceptical. So you need to present your information in a way that plays to one (or more) of these characteristics:

  • Use emotion to trigger the striatum (the decision-making bub of your brain) as it is more powerful than logic (ask anyone who tries to quit smoking or to start exercising).
  • Frame your data as a story. Storytelling is a fundamental human activity and one of the most powerful ways to bring your brand to life.
  • Share something personal and add an element of kinship.
  • Use case studies, testimonials, statistics and more to appeal to the analytical side of your audience.

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