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How Automation Has the Potential to Curb Your Social Selling Success

By Francois Muscat

Automation certainly has its place in social selling and can make your job as a sales person a lot easier to manage. However, when over-used, it has the potential to destroy all of the progress that you have made, as well as the relationships that you have built. Here’s why.

With Automation Comes Inauthenticity

The game is officially over the moment you start to come across as unauthentic or ingenuine. Do your best to take the time to communicate directly with your sales prospects and to keep all communication personalised. Any automated responses or content will be easy to spot and will put them all off of you and your brand instantly.

Social Listening is Hindered

A big part of social selling success is taking the time to ‘listen’ to what your prospective customers are trying to tell you. From their online behaviour to the things that they are talking about on social media – all of this information provides you with clues in terms of how best to go about building a relationship with them and, eventually, pushing them closer and closer towards making a conversion. Sales people and teams who over-use automation will be missing out on the opportunity to engage with, and understand, customers on a much deeper level.

All in all, automation kills off the stand-out element of social selling – the social part! While it can come in handy in certain instances, it is important to use it wisely and sparingly. Being present is the key to making social selling work for you as an individual salesman, and for the company you work for as a whole.

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