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Being Penalized by Google

By Sharon Herrnstein

Has your digital and social media marketing strategy hit a pothole? Has traffic to your site slowed down dramatically? Search Engine Optimization is top of mind for you: you want to be seen and you want to be seen. Ideally, you want to land on Google’s front page. So why aren’t you? Is it possible that you have been penalized by Google?

Google penalises sites for three main infringements:

  1. Duplicate Content

This is where your site’s content is not unique. There are many sites which feature the same or similar content as yours. The search engine will find the page which carries the most authority and is likely to only show that one on the search results. This is a low risk penalty, but it will certainly lead to your site achieving lower visibility. Bear in mind that duplicate images will also cause your site to be penalized.

  1. Thin Content

This is the term used for sites that have many pages but little content on each page. There may be hundreds of pages that are designed purely to feature in the rankings. This is disruptive to a thorough search and has resulted in Google introducing penalties for thin content – both site-wide and partial.

  1. Automated Content

This is also known as template content and is considered the highest risk for Google penalties. An example would be if a company has a different version of their site for various locations even if they don’t have several branches.

Recovering from Google penalties is possible, but avoiding them is way easier. Keeping these tips top of mind will improve your site and lead to better Google rankings time and again, which is exactly what you want.

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