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Bringing Real-World Knowledge into Your Social Selling Game

The concept of social selling really took off a few years ago and many sales people are spending time and resources on using social media to close more deals. One area where many of them fall short, however, is bringing real-world knowledge into their social selling strategies.

Social platforms such as LinkedIn can be a great tool to connect with buyers. But, it can also lead to a loss of productivity and wasted time if your goal is reeling in the connections and boosting your personal brand. While both of these are great goals, neither will bring you closer to meeting your sales targets if they aren’t leading to you close more deals.

The fact that a potential buyer is willing to connect with you on LinkedIn and comment on your post isn’t going to make them swipe their credit card. Consumers are ready to make a purchase when they are convinced that you can solve a problem they have.

Using technology to empower yourself and your sales team will make you more efficient. However, you must also focus on getting a deep understanding of your customer’s context and the challenges they have to overcome. Spend time reading their editorials in magazines, networking with key stakeholders offline and following the inside industry info so that you can make more meaningful connections and have quality conversations that will lead to in-person meetings and deals.

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June 11, 2018

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