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How to Build an Effective Link-Building Strategy

By Francois Muscat

You may have invested in great website design and a launch, but how on earth do you get traffic to it? It isn’t a case of sitting back and waiting for people to search for your company’s name. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an intricate science of algorithms, link signals, anchor text and more that need to be considered. It is the new boom industry in the online world and ignoring it could leave your business way behind your competitors.

Ensuring that your site is ranked number one – or at least on the first page – of a search is at the heart of SEO. But to get there, you need to understand how search engines operate. Knowing how search engines “read” and “index” web pages is crucial.

There are three steps that a site needs to follow so that your content will be attractive to Google and therefore make the most of your Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Link building is an integral part of this strategy.

Explaining Links

A link is an html reference that allows a user to click and visit a different page. It can be in the form of text (known as anchor text) or an image that is highlighted. But how can you build high quality links? And how many links do you need to rank well? There are three basic types of links that enhance your off-page optimisation:

    1. Natural Links. This is where you have such great content that others WANT to link to it, so they naturally do. This is the most difficult type of link to achieve, but also the most valuable.
    2. Outreach. This is where you request links. You would approach other sites and explain why your content is valuable to THEIR audience.
    3. Self-created Links. This is where you would be creating off-page content, for example articles, guest posts, videos and linking them back to yourself.  YouTube videos are a good example of this because this is a credible site that drives massive traffic. Of course this depends on you using the right keywords and the uniqueness and quality of your content.

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