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Why Your Business Needs Social Selling

Social selling is defined as the “the process of developing relationships as part of the sales process using techniques such as sharing content, interacting directly with potential buyers and customers, personal branding, and social listening.” It is the 21st Century method of connecting with prospects. Social media marketing gives businesses the opportunity to grow their online presence. Here I show you why and how:

  • Make Connections 

Once you have created a customer persona, you will know the following:

  • Exactly what interests your buyers and prospects,
  • How you can solve their problems, and
  • How to best connect with them.

Sharing relevant and interesting information is more than purely communicating with your readers, it can also start conversations. Sparking conversation around your brand builds rapport which, in turn, aids customer retention.

  • Go Global 

There are over 2 billion (with a “b”) active social media users worldwide! Why limit your potential market with traditional marketing methods when you can reach your global market potential by connecting to prospects from all over the world?

  • Boost Search Engine Optimization 

Using social media networks improves the search engine ranking of your company. Not only does participating on social media increase the number of inbound links, but it also broadens your online presence.

  • Enhance Your Reputation 

Nowadays, almost all information is gleaned from the internet. Researching the best products and services is no different. Social media allows you to monitor and develop your reputation online. A good reputation leads to greater brand awareness.

  • Get the Stats 

Social media marketing platforms have built-in data analysis tools. Use these to monitor your posts, and you will discover more about who is already interested in your brand, which posts are most (and least) engaging to your audience, and so much more. This information can be used to help you find even better ways to market to your niche.

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