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Capitalising on Keyword Research for Social Selling

Want to leverage your keyword research for successful social selling? Use these tips:

       Increase Your Understanding of Your Audience 


  • Searching your keywords to discover what content they correspond with will give you a better understanding of your searchers’ needs. It is almost like being able to read their minds – and who among us hasn’t wished we could do that?
  • This mind-reading ability allows you to use your blog to answer your audience’s burning questions. This in turn expands what your content includes – keeping it fresh, current, and shareable. Convert your prospects to customers by providing them with the pages they need. Bonus: use your keyword research to create link text in your site navigation.
  • Wide keyword research can reveal gaps in your product or service offerings.

    Simplify Your Campaigns 



  • Keyword research gives you insight into all the subtly distinctive information individuals are looking for. Use these gems of insight to create niche campaigns in your social selling.
  • Engage more deeply with users by noticing the words they use and including them in your content.
  • Use high-volume keywords to flood your site with a lot of traffic. Balance that by using low-volume keywords to capture niche-market rankings.
  • Measure your campaigns more accurately by establishing expectations that use keywords as part of the metric.

    A Note about Hashtags 



  • Keywords are often used in conjunction with the “pound symbol” made famous by Twitter and now used even in spoken language!
  • Some regard the #hashtag as the most powerful tools of the social media age. It is used to link together social media posts about a particular topic and can update users on that topic in real time.
  • In social selling, a well-strategised #hashtag can boost brand recognition, help to spread an advertising campaign, and even increase customer loyalty.

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January 21, 2019

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