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Cheat Sheet for Improving Your SEO Even More

By Rob Thomas

Do you use formulae to determine how various aspects of your business are performing? When something out of the ordinary happens – a variable you haven’t yet factored in to your formulae – how do you approach the problem? Chances are, you look at it with human knowledge of what is happening and adjust your calculations accordingly.

Exactly the same is true for SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Instead of calling it a formula, it is called an algorithm. Various elements are taken into consideration by the robots at Google and Bing etc. and that is how they decide how well your brand rates. Your score is compared to other websites, and your position in search results is ranked accordingly.

Robots are blind

The good news is that the ‘bots working out these rankings are void of emotion and above corruption! The bad news is that they have no idea how to interpret your gorgeous graphics. So, as you do when a new variable comes along in your business formulae, you need to give these bots a helping human hand.

Here’s how to make your images count:

  • To SEO your images, give them descriptive names – not the default “IMG0001.jpeg”. Because bots don’t know how to separate character strings, they read the whole character string as one. So make sure you use hyphens (-) in between words.
  • Some of your audience and all of the search engine bots cannot view your images. Use your tags and keywords in the Alt attributes to explain to them what your images are about. (You don’t have to use hyphens in the ALT attribute, just your image name.)
  • Image titles are used to provide more information about your element. Add more descriptive text for your image here, but be careful not to get penalized by search engines for keyword stuffing.

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November 28, 2016

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