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Cold emailing CIOs, CEOs, celebs and other important people

One of the major appeals of social selling is that you can cut down on all the cold calling you do. Whether sales representatives like it or not, there will still be some amount of cold contacting even if you are getting every part of your social selling strategy right.

If you need something from a celebrity, a CEO, a CIO or someone that won’t really be jumping up and down to do business with you, then you need to be smart about it. Here are a few things to keep in mind to get it right:

They definitely got your email

Many times, if we don’t get a reply on our email we simply assume that someone didn’t read it. Consider what you do when you go through your inbox: if a mail can pass through your spam filter, then you will read the name and title of the email and decide whether you are going to read its contents or not. Don’t assume that your email won’t make it past a person’s spam filter. If you have a legitimate address, then the person received your email.

You need to be short and sweet

People don’t want to read long bodies of text from people they don’t know or people that want something for them. Be clear and concise about why you are contacting them and what you want. Provide links to other information if you need to show that you are reputable or give them reasons to take action.

Relate to the person

If you’re on LinkedIn, then you can do some online research to find out about any of your prospect’s recent notable achievements or projects that they are working on. Warm up your email by congratulating them or relating to them by making it personal. If you start an email about something you are selling, they will be more inclined to click away than if you start off with a friendly tone or a tone that resembles admiration.

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