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How Content Marketing Will Give Your Business A Boost

We have all heard “Content is king” being bandied about. Then so-called experts claimed that content had been demoted. It was worryingly similar to the praise and then pummel of coconut oil and other diet trends. As a regular business person, how are you expected to know who you can trust?

Let us start by taking a step back, and considering the merits of content marketing from a logical perspective. It may seem like a nuisance to produce regularly, but without it, all the flashy marketing trends lead to a dead end. The time and effort put into your content creation is rewarded on may fronts:

Content and SEO 

There are no tricks or shortcuts when it comes to search engine optimization – Google and other search engines are way ahead of that. So really, the only way you can boost your rankings is to provide information on your site which is relevant, useful, and sincere ie content.

Content and Traffic 

Social media can only be intriguing enough to draw visitors to your website if it is:

  • well written, and
  • rewarded with something useful.

Both of these points boil down to providing decent content.

Content and Trust 

As a Web user, which do you trust more?

  1. A website that constantly blows its own trumpet with shameless self-promotion.
  2. A website which clearly states what it has to offer, and backs that up with articles which you can use to be better informed, entertained, educated?

I’m sure you answered b. Now ask yourself why your prospects and customers would answer any differently?

Content and Leads 

Now that you are (hopefully) as convinced of the need for content in your marketing as your readers are, let’s look at one last advantage. You can leverage your content in exchange for email addresses. Most people are willing to share their contact details if they trust that the content they will be receiving is from a trustworthy source (see point above!)

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October 2, 2017

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