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Content Marketing Works for Salesmen Too!

By Rob Thomas

As most of us know, content marketing is a technique used by businesses in an effort to engage their following, improve their SEO rankings and establish themselves as industry leaders. It, therefore, seems logical that it has a place in social selling too. Below, we take a look at how content marketing can work to every salesman’s advantage…

It Allows People to Find You 

Why seek out new leads and introductions when they can come directly to you? By writing content with relevant, strong keywords and doing your best to post regularly and on the right platforms, you increase your chances of possible clients getting in touch with you before you even think about getting in touch with them!

Content Curation Can Work Wonders 

Let’s face it – sales reps are busy people, making it difficult for them to keep up with a content plan or strategy. Luckily, content curation, if done correctly, can be just as effective! You can collect relevant information and news from industry-related news sites or newsletters and reformat it so that it is more readily accessible to those who are interested in reading about it. You can also establish yourself as an industry thought leader by adding your own comments and insights. Another thing to consider is content repurposing. For example, if you have written a guest post for an associate’s LinkedIn profile, repurpose the content in a new, exciting way and distribute it on another platform so that you get the maximum amount of use out of your efforts!

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