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Content as Part of Your Social Marketing Strategy

by David Duncan

As content marketing soars in effectiveness, so more and more individuals from different backgrounds are drawn to the process of creating content. This is great news, as your target audience is also a diverse group of individuals. Regardless of their various perspectives, there are certain qualities that a content marketer needs to have:

  1. Analytical Acuity 

In the world of marketing, nothing is proven until it has been measured, tested, and tweaked. Content marketing experts are always mining for insightful data to improve processes.


  1. Copywriting Cognizance

A command of how to write content that stands out in the torrent of content and keeps readers engaged is a must-have skill of content marketers. Words are their weapon of choice when it comes to persuading prospects and customers.


  1. Comprehension of code

To be more effective and efficient, a little knowledge of code and various marketing software systems goes a long way. A basic understanding and ability are sufficient.


  1. Creative Acumen

Constantly on the hunt for content that will resonate with their audience, content creators must be able to quickly spot creative new ways of engaging people.


  1. SEO Skill

Content marketers must be able to navigate their content higher up the ranks through skillful search engine optimization.


  1. Investigative Ingenuity

No content marketer is a walking encyclopedia. To create valuable and relevant content, the ability to keep up with news and trends, research topics, and deliver factual information is a vital component of the job.


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