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Customer Care with Social Media

by David Duncan

Customer care has been around since the first trade transaction took place. Social media is a lot newer to the scene, but that has not stopped it from dominating our lives. Combining the two is an excellent way of rapidly and effectively getting to the heart of what your customers, need, want, and feel. Not only are social media networks an excellent means of sussing out your clients and managing bad press, but 40% of customers already use social media for customer service.

How to Use Social Media for Customer Care

  1. Support
    Consider for a moment how much time the average adult whiles away on his or her smartphone. It is no wonder, then, that more than half of consumers already report to having used Facebook for a support interaction; and 21% of Twitter users have used the platform to request service. For forward thinking organizations who provide assistance before it is needed, 48% of purchasers have watched a support video online.
  2. Communication
    For practical reasons, most of us prefer to receive information via our own choice of correspondence. Nearly nine out of ten customers say that they would be more satisfied if social media messaging was offered as a “channel of choice”.
  3. Stats
    Being more proactive is a must:
  • 68% of businesses state that social is a necessary service channel.
  • 61% that offer social care report higher customer satisfaction.
  • 58% of establishments find that social care increases the loyalty of their customers.
  • 55% of businesses regard social support as a competitive differentiator.

Pitfalls of Social Media for Customer Care

With this powerful tool comes various challenges for customer service teams. As you develop your social media marketing strategy for the months ahead, consider how you plan to handle the following:

  • Analyzing and monitoring activity reports.
  • Listening to all the social activity.
  • Integrating social care with your CRM.
  • Prioritizing customer responses.
  • Coaching customer service agents.

Leveraging Social Media for Your Customer Care

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