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How To Differentiate Yourself Through Your LinkedIn Profile By David Duncan

New social media channels are always popping up. When trying to determine which platforms you need to be on, the answer is simple: if your target audience is on the social media platform, then you need to be on it, too. When it comes to high net-worth individuals and business-minded people, however, LinkedIn will remain the number one platform for the foreseeable future.


LinkedIn has what is known as a “freemium” model. Most users have a free membership, while others upgrade to become a paid subscriber. When LinkedIn was raising capital, their business plan was largely focused on being a recruitment platform. It would have been impossible for them to know at the time that an army of sales people, entrepreneurs and business people would use the platform on a daily basis.


Today, LinkedIn membership is rapidly approaching a billion people, and 85% of LinkedIn users still don’t have a paid subscription. People generally use LinkedIn to hire employees, to market themselves and to sell. The recruitment angle of LinkedIn is big business. From a marketing perspective, you will also have to invest money if you want paid ads on the platform. On the sales front, you will likely find your target audience on LinkedIn, but getting noticed can be tough. Here are a few things you can do to differentiate yourself through your profile:


Name Your Industry

According to LinkedIn data, profiles of members who include their industry are nine times more likely to be viewed. Whether you are in telecommunications, mining or pharmaceuticals, be sure to mention the industry on your profile. If you want to move into a new industry, mention the industry that you are moving to instead of your current one.


Include Multimedia

If someone lands on your profile, they will see your LinkedIn Summary before they even see your activity or articles. Many people haven’t realised this yet, but you can now add multimedia to your 2,000 text LinkedIn Summary. With multimedia being such a visible element, you would be a fool not to include images, infographics, videos, white papers or any other interesting multimedia that you have.


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May 20, 2019

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