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Dispense With the Dreaded Deleted Email

Did you know that more than 300 billion emails are sent across the planet daily? This means that you must have been at the receiving end of bad unsolicited emails at least a couple of times. People have adapted to the flood of unwanted emails with a “first-cut” strategy; deleting it before even opening it. However, you certainly don’t want your social selling effort to fall victim to an impulsive delete. Follow these tips to avoid the “dreaded-delete” and transform your email marketing for good:

Powerful Subject Line

Your email subject line is the only thing your prospect will ever see – if you don’t get it right. Remember, a straightforward subject line will get more reads than one that offers “great deals”.

Name Shame

If you’re emailing a prospect, the very least you should get right is the spelling of their name. It is not brain surgery – a simple matter of copy-and-paste. After all, if you can’t even copy-and-paste a name properly then why should anyone take you seriously?

Devil in the Detail

Personalise your message by addressing your recipient by name. Likewise, close your email in the same way.

Raze the Writing Robot

Avoid the one-size-fits-nobody type of message. You have to attract your prospects and pull them in, so each sentence needs to count. Your message should sound sincere. An automated, awkwardly worded email and your prospects will hit delete.

Looking The Part

Sending an email from a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account not only looks unprofessional, it says a lot about you. Kind of like running your business from the back of your boot.

Stop! In The Name Of Length

Ensure that your marketing emails are concise and clear. Length is not as important as content and relevance. Quit while you are ahead, don’t overwrite and please save the memoirs for Mills & Boon or 50 Shades of Grey.

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August 20, 2018

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