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Dos and Don’ts to Drive Sales on Social Media

We have trained many sales people on social selling over the years. Here are some of my top dos and don’ts on how to drive sales with social media that every social seller should keep in mind:

Do Not Use Different Handles On Your Social Profiles

Maybe you started tweeting years ago and only decided to dedicate it to your professional endeavours over the last year or two. Then you started a LinkedIn account with the sole purpose of boosting your image as a subject matter expert. Many times, this is the type of haphazard approach that leads salespeople to have different handles on each platform. If you want to make it easy for your target audience to remember you and find you online, then be consistent with your handle and use the same one on all your profiles.

Share Customer Content

People don’t trust content that has been generated by brands, but they trust the opinions of real people. Set a reminder to do a weekly search for your product’s name and brand. If you pick up any positive reviews on social media, be sure to share it on your own profiles as well.

Speak the Same Language As Your Ideal Customer

Does your ideal customer use certain industry jargon? How about emojis? What type of calls to action would resonate with them? Study your ideal customer’s vernacular and use of language to make sure you are following a similar style.

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September 24, 2018

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