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Educate and Help First – A New Sales Paradigm

By David Duncan

Until the advent of social selling sales professionals were only concerned with one thing: Ensuring that the transaction went through. For this reason, customers have always held the perception that sales professionals have a self-centred agenda. This has made many customers to be biased against sales professionals even when they have something beneficial to offer. This is changing though.

Shifting focus

The current shift to digital media as the supreme source of information is offering sales professionals an opportunity to change their approach.

The direct sales approach is no longer as effective as it once was. Today’s consumers thrive on information. Showing the customer that you desire to help and educate them first through social selling will help to ease the pressure of the transaction. The sale will be as a natural result of educating and assisting the buyer.

Identifying Opportunities

If you’re like most sales professionals, you’re probably selling blindly. Social media gives you the opportunity to help potential customers with the issues that affect them most.

Direct and frank conversations with potential customers are a great way of understanding and helping your target audience. Social media also allows you to keep an eye on what buyers are doing and saying online. This information is critical in helping you to advance but may not always come from the decision makers. It may come from other influencers in the industry.

Use the information you gather to help and educate potential customers. Ensure that the information you provide is relevant to your target audience.

Maximize social and digital tools

There are various social and digital tools such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn that can help you reach your target audience for direct, frank and honest discussions. Instead of using these tools to sell, you should use them to provide relevant information that helps and educates your customers.

This approach to selling takes out the guesswork from the selling process. You now have the information you need to connect and build long term relationships with your customers.

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December 21, 2015

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