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Everything You Need to Know about Social Selling and Twitter Lists

As a salesman, we’re pretty sure that your goals are to, firstly, sell more of your company’s product/service, secondly, build lasting relationships with the customers and clients of the future and, thirdly, increase brand awareness and loyalty in general. If this is true, you’ll be very glad to know that social selling can help you to accomplish all these objectives. One way in which to start mastering the art of social selling on social media marketing platforms is to start using Twitter lists. We discuss why and how below.

  • Why Use Twitter Lists? 

Twitter lists are beneficial for sales people as they make it possible for them to curate groups of specific Twitter accounts into smaller categories, thus making it easy to organise and keep track of leads, especially in terms of where they are within the buying cycle. You may also wish to categorise according to leads, prospects, networking connections, already existing clients, etc.

Another benefit is that you can view a list timeline which shows you all the most recent tweets posted by those accounts included in the list. This allows you the opportunity to keep up to date with potential and already-existing customers’ interests, problems and expectations.

  • How to Set Up Twitter Lists 

You really don’t need to be a social media marketing pro to set up Twitter lists. You can do so using practically any device, including your mobile phone, and by simply following the step by step instructions – just remember to keep those lists private and safe from the prying eyes of your competitors!

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