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Facebook Secrets to Social Selling Success

Despite varying degrees of popularity with digital marketing fundis, Facebook still wields influence thanks to its tremendously high number if users. To leverage Facebook to your best advantage, though, you want to hand pick specific types of Facebook visitors. Using custom audiences allows you to increase your social selling engagement in a strategic manner. Here is how it works:

Step By Step Start to Facebook Custom Audiences 

Unless otherwise stated, you will create and manage your custom audiences from its dashboard in Facebook. Navigate to it via Audiences > Create Audience > Custom Audiences, and from there you will set criteria.

Segment Your Audience 

By creating custom audiences based on the Web pages they visit, you can increase your Facebook reach in a strategic way which will improve conversions.

This is particularly powerful when used in conjunction with a specific landing page or your blog page.

It’s All About The Timing 

The default duration of a Facebook website custom audience is 30 days, but you can alter that to suit your needs.

Rekindle Relationships 

If prospects have visited your website and moved on; or if customers seem to have forgotten about you, you can set custom audiences to re-engage users who have not accessed your website recently.

There is a website traffic option for “People who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time.”


You already have happy customers, why not upsell to them – the most effortless way to increase your profitability.

Using custom audience, you can create a group of customers who recently bought from you, and target them with up sell offers.

Learn How 

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