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How to Find the Right LinkedIn Groups for Social Selling

LinkedIn Groups are one of the most powerful social selling tools on the web. Yet, they have received mixed reviews. Perhaps, because at their worst, they can be sales pitch festivals that offers no real value or discussion. However, at their best, they provide a portal to an infinite universe of prospects, customers, contacts, and resources; unlike anywhere else online. The secret is to select the right groups and meaningfully engage with them. Here are a few guidelines to help you boost your social selling by finding the right LinkedIn Groups to join:

  • Join power groups, whose membership numbers in the tens of thousands. This will allow you to get your message in front of the largest possible audience and quickly expand your network.
  • Use LinkedIn Group statistics to analyse which groups will be the best fit with your business goals.
  • Assess and evaluate the prospective groups based on their relevance/name, and the number of members. Also look at the level of participation by your contacts or peers who are already members.
  • Examine the activity level and the ratio of discussions to comments. Remember, your ultimate goal is to engage and to be seen. Joining a productive group, so to speak, will ensure a greater return on your time investment.
  • Explore the vertical and geographic markets of your key prospects and join those groups.
  • Explore the relevant LinkedIn groups using keywords for your own industry and profession.
  • Research the profiles of key customers and prospects to see which groups they belong to.
  • Research the profiles of mentors and leaders in your company and industry. This is an easy and efficient roadmap to highly relevant groups.

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August 13, 2018

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