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Four Tips to Help You Succeed in Social Selling

By Peter Fieger

Advances in technology have changed the way we live, do business and interact with each other. Over 3 billion people now have access to the Internet according to the ITU. With this number expected to grow even further it is time for businesses to take social selling more seriously.

Social selling is basically building your brand online and using different social media platforms to sell the brand. Some of the famous platforms for social selling include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest, among others.

So what should you do if you want to succeed in social selling? Here are some ideas:

  1. Be flexible

The social media arena changes fast. It is not a guarantee that what is working today will be working tomorrow. You therefore need to be informed about the latest changes as far as social selling is concerned. Adapt your social selling strategy as you move along. The phrase ‘adapt or die’ can’t be truer with selling on social media.

  1. Build authority

One of the best ways to sell on social media is by building authority first and then selling later. Let people know you as the expert, the thought leader in your field. You can do this by regularly producing and sharing great content with your readers on social media. It is far easier to sell to people who know and respect your opinions than people who don’t know you.

  1. Remain connected

To succeed in social selling you always have to be connected. Let people know they can reach out to you through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or email, any time of the day or night. That way they will feel you are close and can help solve their problems when they need you to.

You don’t have to stay awake at night to answer emails, but ensure your potential customers know you are always reachable.

  1. Team Work is vital

For successful social selling, every member of your team has to pull in the same direction. See to it that every team member (not the sales team only) has an online presence and uses it for the benefit of your business. Encourage them to build and grow their networks. You can then use these different accounts and profiles to promote new content, engage with potential clients and grow your business’ reach.

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January 4, 2016

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