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How to Get More Followers on Social Media By Sharon Hernstein

It is almost unfathomable that in the 21st century one can still find companies without a website or social media account. This is even more astounding in light of the fact that social selling is one of the best tools to place emphasis on your reputation, generate more leads and build your brand and business. Without a strong social media presence, you and your company will seem to lack credibility. If you are amongst those who are lagging behind, we have a few pointers on how to get followers and grow a social media account:

  • Develop a relationship with your customers through email marketing,
  • Create a LinkedIn profile,
  • Connect with others on LinkedIn groups,
  • Create useful video tutorials on YouTube,
  • Use Facebook ads and strategically-targeted landing pages,
  • Leverage the power of Instagram influencers,
  • Create a blog,
  • Be active – post high-quality content,
  • Have a crystal-clear idea of what you want to post on your account,
  • Share your knowledge with your followers,
  • Be consistent with your posts,
  • Be regular in posting content – but avoid spamming your followers,
  • Never neglect the quality of your posts – your mantra should always be quality over quantity,
  • Respond to your followers! A simple “Thank you” will go a long way in building your reputation,
  • Engagement with your audience is the key to success – interact with them, answer all their queries and always reply to negative comments – especially if it is made publically,
  • Entice and entertain your audience by holding contests and giveaways,
  • It may sound counter-intuitive, but go easy on the selling and promoting – you want to first give before asking for anything in return,
  • Add relevant hashtags to make your posts visible,
  • Avoid paid audiences at all costs,
  • And, last but not least – there is no social media easy button. So, be patient!

Whatever medium you decide to use, be it an email marketing campaign, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any of the plethora of available networks, you need to know your chosen platform well to drive that all-important traffic to your site, which will result in more followers on social media.

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June 10, 2019

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