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Getting the most from your LinkedIn presence – (Part 2) Company Pages

My colleague Nadine Thomas wrote a series 3 Posts a while back which provide a good overview of how to get the most out of LinkedIn and I’m sharing them here for the benefit of candidates researching the benefits of Social Selling – Here’s part 2:

LinkedIn is not only the most popular social network for professionals but with more than 175 million users worldwide it is one of the top social networks overall. Other social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ may dominate the ‘buzz’ in the world of social media, but LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms available for business, yet is often not used to its full potential.

LinkedIn is extremely useful for business, and once you’re familiar with all the things it can do, you’ll wonder why you’ve not used it fully before. There are many ‘hidden gems’ that don’t get the exposure they deserve.

We’ve collected all the things we think will be useful to you when using LinkedIn, but there’s so much we’ve had to split it into 3 separate posts to help you digest the information.

1. Completing/optimising your personal profile
2. Company Pages
3. Using LinkedIn for Business/marketing/recruitment

Here’s Part two.

LinkedIn Company Pages

To set up a company page your current company position must be on your personal profile and the owning email on a company domain, e.g. More guidance on these requirements can be found here.

1. Company Overview

Always complete the company overview in full. This is the information that will be shown to viewers on your Company Home Page and it tells them, who you are, where you are and what you do.

2. Home Page Banner Image & Logo

The banner image here is as important as your photograph on your personal profile. People want to know the brand their looking at. Complete the banner image and company logo ensuring that it’s consistent with your other business social media for a coherent brand experience. To edit, when on your company home page click the blue edit button at the top right of the page, do not click on the down arrow to the right of the word edit.

Company pages WSI banner Images

3. Showcase Pages

This is where you detail your products and services or sub-brands. You can add banner images, product images, and build up a separate following as well as tailor your messaging (updates) to that specific audience.  LinkedIn used to have these “Product & Service” pages, but these were removed in early 2014 and replaced with “Showcase Pages”

4. Adding Banners

As with the home page there is space for banner images on this page. From this summary page, you can input/change your banner image and change the order in which products and services are listed. To edit content on this summary page you must first make sure that you have clicked the Services tab to open the Services summary page.

compnay pages Edit button imageTo edit banners or change the order in which products are shown, click on the blue edit button at the top right of the page, do not click on the down arrow.

5. Post Company Updates

LinkedIn Company page company update imageLet your followers know what’s going on in your business or industry sector. If you’re already posting updates, did you know that you can target your updates to by defining criteria like company size, industry etc. so you can tailor your content to specific audiences. Once you’ve typed your update, click the arrows at the end of the ‘Share with’ box.

View LinkedIn’s own video to find out more about how to do this.

6. Connect your LinkedIn profile to your other web properties

You can help grow your Company LinkedIn followers by ensuring a link to your Company page is present on all your web properties (website, blog or email signature etc.). View LinkedIn’s own video to see how to build your own Follow button.

View the first article in the series – here

Do you have any more tips about completing LinkedIn company pages? Share them with our readers in the comments box.

December 7, 2014

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