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How to Enhance Your Prospecting with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Tool

By Sharon Herrnstein

As a sales professional, you’ve probably already noted that social selling is inevitable for success in this digital era. With LinkedIn’s introduction of the Sales Navigator tool, you can now take your social selling to a whole new level.

Introduction to Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a tool that allows sales professionals to connect with other LinkedIn members in an effort to determine qualified leads. Experts in digital marketing predict that the tool will soon become essential for success in online selling.

Sales Navigator helps to connect decision makers (those in need of a product or service) with those who can provide it. The connections are made by the tool through mutual connections, news stories published on the site and recommendations.

The cost for this new service varies depending on the option selected. There are corporate plans that allow for multiple users and plans for individual users.

Why you should care

Social selling index numbers from LinkedIn show that sales professionals that use the tool increase their chances of making their sales quota by 51%.

Sales Navigator can be easily integrated into your existing processes as it is compatible with many other CRM systems that companies use. It is therefore a convenient way to help boost your sales.

Getting started

  • Sign Up

A free trial version of Sales Navigator is available if you want to take it for a test run before making a commitment. Once you’re ready to get started, create an account to get started. A mobile app is available for download to your device.

  • Set Up

Once your account is active set your preferences to get the most out of the tool in engaging with your existing contacts as well as finding new ones. These include the industries and locations you’re interested in and the employee level you are interested in connecting with.

  • Begin exploring

With your preferences set, you can begin your search for leads. Save contacts that meet your criteria and contact them later.

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December 14, 2015

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