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How to Implement a New Social Selling Strategy without Fear

As a sales professional, if you have spent most of your life making cold calls and relying on conferences for networking, you might feel a little bit out of your depths when it comes time to try your hand at a new social selling approach to finding new clients and buyers. We have some tips for making the change with confidence:

Set Up a Routine 

As with most sales approaches, social selling requires a level of consistency in order to deliver positive results. Therefore, it is imperative that you set up a daily routine – and that you stick to it. Dedicate at least an hour and a half each day to speaking to your contacts, engaging with their posts and researching their current problems, needs and expectations. Also remember to take time at least once or twice a week to create and post your own informative, industry-relevant content.

 Know More Than Just The Basics 

Social media marketing platforms, like LinkedIn, are relatively user-friendly. The question is, are you really making the most of the features that are available? Educate yourself on what is possible (perhaps consider taking a course?) and know how to do these things. For example, make sure that you know how to view who your buyers are connecting with, and know how to post your own original content (which will go a long way towards establishing yourself as a respected industry expert).

 Implement All The Social Selling Tools Available 

The actual social media networks aren’t the only tools out there that will help to boost your social selling efforts. Things like setting up Google alerts and applications, such as Feedly, can assist in making your life easier and your online activities a lot more profitable and worthwhile.

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