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The Importance of Carefully Crafted Content By Francois Muscat

If you want to use social selling to increase your lead generation and to boost your reputation, providing high-quality, relevant content to your audience is part of the recipe to success. Producing carefully crafted content requires thorough research, groundwork and consistency. As many a copywriter will attest to, it certainly takes more than cursorily written blog posts or a chance tweet. And, even if high-quality content has been written, there are still peripheral circumstances that will play a role in the hits it may garner, such as the quality and manoeuvrability of the website that it is posted on.

So, how is an up-and-coming business owner or a novice (or even experienced) content marketer, to know which is more important – the quality of the content or the quantity of the content? Is it more important for you to have consistent content to get and maintain subscribers? Or is the quality the deciding factor to attract the flocks of followers and subscribers to your chosen media platforms and online pages? Lots of people ascribe to the adage “Quality is King”. Others root for consistency, simply because when people can predict your behaviour, it reassures them and it creates a feeling of trust, therefore, making them comfortable about following you.

Because high-quality content gains consistent views and engagement over time, it always gets well positioned on Google, which is exactly what you desire for your SEO.  We have therefore listed some of the attributes of high-quality content below:

  • It achieves high engagement,
  • It achieves marketing objectives,
  • It has remarkable click through rates,
  • It has lots of social media engagement,
  • It converts,
  • It does well on every channel,
  • It ranks well in Google,
  • It has magnetic and attention-grabbing headlines,
  • It grabs and secures the reader from the first paragraph
  • It does not rely on unnecessary jargon or word puzzles,
  • It resonates with the readers,
  • It employs meaningful graphics,
  • It tells a story,
  • It is easily readable,  
  • It is innovative and fearless.

While it would seem that the jury is still out on a final verdict of which is more important, quality or consistency, the prudent route would be to invest in social media marketing and training. If you are interested in social selling techniques and strategies to enhance your reputation and help you prospect for new leads, the good news is that offers a range of instructor training, social selling workshops and consulting services that can be customised for your business. Contact us for more information today.

June 3, 2019

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