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Including Inbound Marketing in Your Social Selling Strategy on LinkedIn

When kick-starting a social selling strategy, many people start by updating their profiles, connecting with clients and colleagues and joining groups. But how do you get beyond all of this reaching out and get people come to you?

Be an Authoritative Figure Who Wants to Help People

Firstly, you need to consider what would make someone happy to have found your profile on LinkedIn. A comprehensive profile with many connections does not really compel someone to follow what you are saying. If, however, you present yourself as an authoritative and helpful person in your industry, you will get clients coming to you.

Reach Out When it Makes Sense

While a paid LinkedIn account is not a must-have for a successful social selling strategy, the premium account does have its benefits. Many people will check someone out on LinkedIn but they won’t necessarily connect with you. With a paid account, you can keep tabs on who has been visiting your profile and then reach out to these people with a personalised message when it makes sense to do so.

Time Your Interactions

As a salesperson, you know that people are not always open and willing to do business. When you reach out is a very important part of the sale and you do not want to risk calling someone when they are busy and not at all in the right headspace to start doing business with you. By keeping an eye on your connections’ activity and posts on LinkedIn, you can reach out when you know they are active and online. This will make it much more likely for them to reply to a message from you.

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June 4, 2018

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