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How To Be An Instant Social Media Hit

Social selling, like so many aspects of life, may seem to have revealed “instant” success stories, but in truth, many hours of strategic work occurred behind the scenes. So while I cannot guarantee that the following tips will be instantaneous, they will fast track your journey to social selling success.

A Powerful Introduction 

Whether your social platform calls it “about”, “profile”, or “bio”, introducing your brand in an engaging way is the first step to grow your followers. Monitor which posts become your most popular, and include them in your intro to create a lead magnet!

An Engaging Profile Picture 

If possible, use a profile photo with people or faces that represent your brand. It has been proven that these form more of an emotional connection, which is a great tip for attracting more followers.

Real Emotions 

For the best return, do not forget to have fun and genuinely enjoy interacting with your audience. Being authentic draws in the correct prospects and customers, and makes working on your social selling a pleasure to do.

Consistency is Key 

It is often said that content us key; and so is consistency. Posting regularly on your chosen social media platform builds a solid base of engagement.

Quality Wins 

Having said that, do not feel so obliged to post according to a pre-set schedule that you share quantity over quality. Compelling content takes a while to develop loyal followers, while sharing inappropriately quickly breaks that trust.

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