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Justify Social Selling By Measuring Its Value Offline

While many salespeople understand the value of social selling, it’s often tough for businesses to translate this into ‘business value’. Essentially, you need a way to measure the conversations that you’re having online and translate it into offline business terms.

The way that this value is measured differs across different organisations. One way would be to create a ‘lead source’ report that shows the revenue that has been generated or the pipeline of leads that has been filled from social media sources. Some companies even drill down into the various platforms to show which social media sites are the most profitable for their business.

Another way to measure your social selling efforts is to look for marketing signals. If your marketing department is running a campaign on your company’s website, start sharing links to the promotion on your social media. From your Google Analytics, you will be able to show how many people visited the site from social media platforms. You could also use a website like to see how many impressions the hashtag made on Twitter, for example.

Once you are tracking the value of your social selling efforts, it becomes very easy to justify it. If you are tracking what is coming into your CRM that have come from social activity, you will see it is accelerating deal cycles and even initiating them.

Leveraging your connections is the most overlooked processes in selling. There is zero need for cold calling if you’ve built your connections in the right way on social media.

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April 16, 2018

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