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Leverage LinkedIn for Social Selling

When it comes to the networks or platforms available from which to launch your social selling, the choice is vast. Each brand has its own identity, and it is important to choose accordingly. LinkedIn, however, has garnered a reputation as professional and trustworthy. It is a safe bet for all businesses, and boasts a conversion rate of visitor to lead which is three times higher than that if Twitter or Facebook.

LinkedIn By The Numbers 

Although less is almost always more, the ideal number of words in a long format post in LinkedIn in between 500 and 1,200 words.

Being a network which is more work-related than purely social, LinkedIn visits are most common from Monday to Friday. Most visitors check their profile in the morning; while content engagement is highest from 1pm to 3pm, and again from 5pm to 6pm.

Posts that are linked to YouTube have a 75% higher share rate.

Adding an image to your post gives you a 98% higher comment rate than image less posts.

LinkedIn posts which include a link score 200 times more engagement than those without.

LinkedIn Best Practices 

When writing in LinkedIn, use targeted keywords where possible for audiences to easily find your content through search.

Ensure that your profile image is current, relevant, and professional. Double check that your bio is 100% complete, and keep it updated (connections, projects, publications etc.)

Engage with your network by regularly sharing interesting statuses, updates, and articles. Ask and give recommendations, and endorse others. Comment on group posts.

Bonus tip: check your profile on mobile and embeds – especially if you have heard of a change in the interface.

Learn More 

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