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Leveraging video testimonials to build brand trust and close sales

By Sharon Herrnstein

What goes around comes around. Why do those big insurance companies spend so much on drawn out TV ads? It’s because they work…

Why do they work? Well, it’s not because they are drawn out, that’s for sure. No, it’s because they are full of testimonials that build brand trust, even though you (sitting on the couch wishing they’d get on with it) know they are fake. Testimonials work. They just do. We are born to be gullible. And that’s great news for social selling – not the gullible part, but the fact that testimonials have such impact.

Real testimonials using real customers & networked through social media

If TV advertising testimonials work, then think how much better real ones created using real customers who are connected professionally through social media, will work. It’s social selling at its best, with the key being ‘trust’. By targeting potential customers you have identified through your B2B professional networks with testimonials from people they actually know (even if only through social networks) and/brands they already trust, you will be closing sales through a tried and tested format with a golden a ticket of authenticity.

Great! So why video when we can use text?

Why is video better than text for social selling? 

There are three main reasons why video is better than text:

  1. They are more engaging: They have a human face, and people like to see people and hear what they have to say. It’s why we like poetry, music and comedy shows. We are social beings who love to connect.
  1. They introduce real customers: People just like you, who value what you value, like a friend or neighbour who recommends something over the garden fence. If it’s good for them…it could be good for me too, because they are just like me. Words are never ‘just like you’. They are just words anyone could have written.
  1. They can be a lot shorter and simultaneously more powerful: We have short attention spans. It’s a fact. An engaging video testimonial that consists of just a few sentences will be more appealing and have more impact than the exact same testimonial in words, or a longer testimonial with equal weight we might not have the patience to read.

Video testimonials tap into our need for the opinions of others and our tendencies to evaluate the world around us – and in this case, products and services, based on feeling secure in our knowledge that other people ‘like it too’ – especially people we know and trust.

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