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LinkedIn Profile Tweaks to Boost Sales

If you are interested in social selling and your LinkedIn profile is not contributing to sales, then you are doing something wrong. Here are a few small tweaks that you can make to optimise your profile for sales:

Draft a High Impact Summary

Your summary should list who you are, what you do, and why you do it. It should focus on solving specific pain points that your target audience has and why you are the best person to solve these problems for them.

Keep the Core Responsibilities of Your Target Audience in Mind

There must be certain job titles that you are targeting on LinkedIn. If you are targeting Chief Information Technology officers, IT Managers, and Digital Innovation leads, consider their core responsibilities and challenges and make sure you list how you address these issues in the experience section of your LinkedIn Profile. All too often, salespeople use the experience section as a resume, when they should, in fact, be focusing on how they solve problems and deliver results for their ideal customer.

Honours and Awards

Many people do not like to boast about their achievements, but your LinkedIn profile is not the place to be modest. While your high school sports team award will not be relevant, be sure to list any other industry recognition or award that you received followed by a short description on what the award is about and why you won it. This will help you build trustworthiness and credibility in your profile.

Customise Your URL

Too many salespeople still have a gibberish URL for their profile. As a salesperson, you have two options. You can either customise your LinkedIn profile for your name, so it will look something like this:, or you can use a long tail keyword such as

Include Your LinkedIn URL in Your Email Signature

This tip is not specific to your actual profile, but it can boost the number of relevant connections that you have. A link to your LinkedIn Profile is an easy way for people who you do business with to find and connect with you online.

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