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LinkedIn for Sales Teams

by Rob Thomas

If you think of LinkedIn as a place only to look for a new job, think again.

In the digitally connected world, savvy sales people know that LinkedIn is a vital tool that can transform prospecting to faster, smoother, and more profitable. By tailoring your LinkedIn presence to appeal to and engage with prospects, you can form trust and authority, and grow your network.

LinkedIn Means Business

Especially for business to business marketing, LinkedIn is a shortcut to accessing information on companies, prospects, and decision makers. Often there are numerous people involved in making and influencing a purchase. Using LinkedIn to establish who reports to who 1, you can not only discover the people you will need to sway to make the sale; but you will also get an idea of what they value 2 and what they have done before.

  1. Users keen to share which projects they and their team are focusing on. You can also investigate the box on their profile called, “Viewers of this profile also viewed”.
  2. See what their recommendations reveal.

By following a company LinkedIn page, you can quickly spot changes that may create an opportunity for you. As teams morph and company announcements are made, so your reason to get in touch increase.

More often than not, LinkedIn groups are used to learn more about the topics related to your industry. However, by looking at the comments, frustrations, and unmet needs of the group members, you get a perfect “in” to contact new prospects.

Leveraging LinkedIn

The critical areas of your LinkedIn profile are your photo, headline, summary, and recommendations. Ensure that these sections of LinkedIn are 100% for yourself and your sales team.

Whenever you meet someone, follow up swiftly with a connection request.

Unlock the Power of LinkedIn

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March 6, 2017

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