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Mastering On-Page SEO for Social Selling

When it comes to social selling, your on-page search engine optimisation packs a hefty punch.

What is On-Page SEO? 

On-page SEO uses content and HTML source codes to optimise your individual web pages to acquire more traffic in search engines. (Off-page SEO relates to links and other external optimisation tools.)

Inventory of On-Page SEO Actions 

  • Online success starts with a great domain. If you are starting afresh, choose a unique domain name.
  • If your business is location-specific, use a country TLD extension for better local search ranking, for example, “.it” for Italy, “.de” for Germany, and “.cn” for China.
  • Use of semantic elements – HTML elements that have a specific meaning, for example “<h1>” – to improve search result ranking by telling search engine bots which content within the HTML document is most noteworthy. Using the correct semantic HTML tags make it easier for machines to see the hierarchy of your content.
  • Include sitemaps. An XML sitemap lists the URLs for your site and acts as a roadmap of your website which informs search engines of all your important pages. An HTML sitemap is an outline text version of the pages available on your website, which helps visitors to navigate it easily.
  • Boost your SEO by making it easy for people to view your website – no matter what device and window or screen sizes – with a responsive web design.
  • Spare a thought for your blind and visually impaired users. Not only are alt-tags used by screen readers to make your image accessible by reading out this text, but intelligent use also has a positive impact on your search engine rankings.
  • While search engines claim not to factor page meta titles and descriptions into their algorithms, a meta description (the little snippet of info you see under search results) which makes prospects click on your website increases your traffic – and also your click-through rate. Your CTR definitely moves your site up the rankings.
  • Having done great work increasing your on-page SEO, avoid damaging your ranking with broken links.

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