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Why Is No One Reading This?

The goal of social selling marketing activities is the same for everybody — get your target market to read your content. Is that not why you have gone to great lengths to produce informative and engaging content? And is that not why you have posted the content on your infographic, blog, video, webinar and every other social selling platform you could think of? Yet, no one is reading your content. This needs to be rectified. Stat! But how? We have a couple of suggestions:

Fighting Fit

You want your target market to sit up and notice your content, right? So, it should stand out from the crowd (read competitors) and grab your audience. In this ferocious fight for attention, many factors can either help it – or doom it, such as:

  • The timing of your post
  • The length of your blog
  • Keywords that spark interest

If you are not sure how to perfect this (and who is), approach the experts in the field.

Publish Like Paparazzi

Add value! Provide fresh insights! The best way to do this is to share information that is useful to your clients. Write on what the buyers in your industry read about. The paparazzi publish gossip about celebrities; not Joe Soap. And their content is lapped up by the public. Get it?

Key(words) to Content

Use the right keywords when creating your sales content. Keywords help determine whether your content will be found and should be tailored to suit your target audience. The sure-fire way to get this right is to hire an SEO company to do this on your behalf or attend social selling workshops to learn more.

Publish or Perish

Social selling is an occupation which requires creativity.  By creating strong content posts you will prove your authority. But coming up with creative content is not easy. Why not pay the people who are good at it?

Pay The Price Now – Reap The Benefits Later

The art of successful social selling is to solve the problems people are currently facing. With that being said, someone may not be looking for Halloween decorations today, but they will during October. Create content on your expertise now. Develop the habit to create and post it regularly. And, come Halloween, you’ll have a host of blogs. When people search for your areas of expertise on the web, and sooner or later they will, they’ll find you.

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August 27, 2018

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