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G5 Social selling Mastery program structure

Module 1 -LinkedIn Profile Research

  • An introduction to the Social Selling Index and the 12 week structure:
    • Establish your professional brand
    • Find the right people
    • Engage with insights
    • Build relationships
  • An overview of why Social Selling is so important
  • An understanding of why Sales 1.0 is no longer truly effective
  • Getting started:
    • How to create your buyer persona(s)
    • Keyword research ahead of creating/updating your Profile
    • Researching where to find them (stage 1). More in 4 & 5


Module 2- ESTABLISH - Writing your Linked in Profile

  • Why is your Personal Branding so important?
  • The 5 core ‘important areas’ of your LinkedIn profile
  • How to start to track success (KPIs)

Module 3 - ESTABLISH - LinkedIn Company Pages

  • Setting up Company Pages & Showcase Pages
  • Making sure there was a process in place for you and your colleagues to maximise the opportunities that these provided
  • Took a look at LinkedIn Advertising


Module 4- FIND -Growing Your Network

  • Building a Quality Network – Worksheet
  • Joining Groups – Worksheet
  • Building Relationships Worksheet

Module 5- FIND - Profiling & Finding Your Prospects

  • How to research thoroughly a prospect’s Profile
  • The concept of mining through ‘Sphere of influence’ and our clients competitors
  • A whole range of other ways to mine our networks effectively to find NEW prospects


Module 6 – ENGAGE - Finding & Curating Content

  • Created content versus 3rd party content
  • Various content aggregators for you to use for content
  • Creating a content pipeline routine using 4-1-1

Module 7 -Review & Catch Up week- including some recent LinkedIn Updates

An overview of the first 6 modules including:

  • The key learning objectives
  • Assignments
  • Behaviours that each week you’ve built on

Module 8 – ENGAGE - Your Social Content Plan

  • Your Personal Plan – LinkedIn Publishing
    • Considerations when creating content
  • Your Company Content Plan
  • Tools to help you and your organisation

Module 9 - ENGAGE- Leveraging Hootsuite for Listening & Sharing Content

  • Work out how to structure our social listening
  • Set up Hootsuite with all your social channels & streams
  • How to add Google Alerts to our social monitoring


Module 10 –BUILD - Trigger Event Selling

  • What Trigger Events should you listen for?
  • Develop a LinkedIn “listening” and “action”
  • Begin harnessing Twitter Advanced search and look at an interesting ‘tool’

Module 11 –BUILD - Social Selling Routine- 30-60 minutes per day

  • We remind ourselves of ‘The Case for Social Selling’
  • Went through an ‘End-to-end’ – 12 Step Process
    • To achieve great results
    • By spending between 30-60 minutes per day

Module 12- Coaching – Next Steps & Review

  • Take the test to become Social Selling
    • 3 x attempts
    • 75% pass mark
    • 45 questions
    • Random from a bank of 60
    • No trick questions!
    • Additional questions, challenges? Stay in

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