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Overcoming AdBlocking

By Francois Muscat

The problem

Earlier this year the UK’s culture secretary, John Whittingdale, announced at the Oxford Media Convention that he views adblocking as akin to a “modern-day protection racket”. That was just a month after a KPMG report of 2,072 adults revealed that “47% of high earners say they will be using an adblocker on any device in the next six months, compared with 43% for lower income groups. It is also true of 59% of 18 – 24 year-olds, compared to 36% of over-65s.”

The top reasons the public are looking to use adblocking include:

  • Dislike of adverts
  • Ads take up too much space on screen
  • A lack of advertising relevance
  • Device performance reduction
  • Misuse of personal data
  • Waste of mobile data allowances

The debate

But is adblocking really an existential threat to your digital marketing campaign? As social selling strategists, you and we are already aware of the need to connect with the public in a meaningful way, rather than force irrelevant adverts.

Great marketers have known for a long time that we must listen more than we preach if we are to understand the changing needs of our prospects and customers. To create real solutions and strategies, deep understanding and empathy will explain their motivation and behaviours.

The solution

You need to know your product or service inside out – and exactly who your target market is. This knowledge leads to relevant and appealing content which is pertinent to your ideal client. By offering something interesting and compelling to your audience, they will seek you out.

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September 5, 2016

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