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How the Role of Sales People Is Changing With Social Media

The way that digital media continues to disrupt and change our lives means that the role of salespeople has changed. In the past, a person would agree to a meeting with a sales person because they were ready to find out more about a product or service, and they wanted someone to convince them to buy it.

Today, every type of consumer has full access to such a dizzying amount of information that they are more than equipped to do their own research. Consumers no longer only rely on a company’s information, either. They do in-depth research by reading consumer reviews, visiting forums, watching YouTube reviews and tutorials, and reading what their peers have to say about a product before they invest in it.

So, where does this leave salespeople? Salespeople who continue to excel in today’s digital and social landscape are the ones who are able to successfully position themselves as thought leaders. How can you go about positioning yourself as a thought leader that people would start to follow and eventually trust? There are a few ways:

  • Share your expert opinion online
  • Answer questions on forums and LinkedIn groups
  • Offer solutions to customers by responding to questions on social media
  • Solve problems by creating and publishing insightful content
  • Share your thoughts or opinion about industry research, trends, and insights

Successful salespeople are authentic, smart, well informed and most importantly trustworthy. One of your main goals should be personal brand and reputation building in your niche. This way, people will turn to you when they are ready to buy.

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