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Sales aren’t the guaranteed result of Social Media Marketing

By Francois Muscat

If social media is a social marketing tool, it stands that it’s also a social selling tool? Right?

Wrong! It’s a marketing tool. End of story. It’s how you use the digital data and networking information that you get back from marketing campaigns and online connections that is the social selling tool. Social Media spits out the ingredients, but you still have to figure out what to use, what not to use, and how to combine it all to prepare the recipe people want. To do that, you must listen more and talk less.

Social media marketing builds brand awareness, but it doesn’t close sales 

You can market to your heart’s content, but if you don’t have exactly what people are looking for when they remember your brand and look to you for it, or find you at the top of page one on Google, you have lost your sale. It could even be said that you’ve spent your social media marketing budget on selling a competitor’s product – if they manage to offer what your near-miss customer really wants, needs or likes.

I’ve likened this to cooking because how many times have you Goggled a recipe for lasagne and been served up exactly what you don’t want – a complicated recipe for that will take hours to make, with at least two things you’ve never heard of and doubt your supermarket has ever heard of either.   So you give up and Google Jamie Oliver (big brand), hoping beyond hope that his recipe will be simpler, but it isn’t much, so you give up even more and order pizza. Next thing you are 40 and you still can’t make lasagne.

But if you’d found an easy recipe with common ingredients that took 20 minutes to make…not only would you have wowed your friends and family, but you’d go back to that very same website or Facebook Page to get more recipes, buy the e-book and share what you’ve found – with the like-minded peers who want what you want.

Selling is delivering what you have learned people want 

That’s social selling: in short – delivering what people want, the way they want it, when they want it…because you’ve listened and learned what they want – information extracted from the online world around you, the way it is in the ‘real world’. It might not be digital, or B2B, but the proliferation of lasagne recipes on the net is built on decades of a pre-internet equivalent – ‘lasagne awareness’ if you like. (Why has no-one got it right yet?)

Social selling isn’t the guaranteed end result of social media marketing. In fact, it will pre-empt it. Your buyers will do your social media marketing for you, so find out as much as you can about your customer market – from data and social and B2B connections – to prepare what they will want so they can get it from you when they do. And don’t be tempted to run with the herd and try to out-do the competition to your detriment with nonsense like soaking freshly cut basil leaves, harvested under the full moon, in organic milk…and…and…oh, despair…got a number for pizza delivery anyone?

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