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As A Sales Manager, The Success Of Your Social Selling Program Depends On You

Social selling is about applying three sales processes that you are already using today, namely:

  1. Trigger-based selling,
  2. Referral-based selling, and
  3. Insights-based selling.

The main difference is that with social selling, you are mechanising these processes in a digital way.

Your potential buyers are going to learn with or without you, and they are already using digital tools to acquire knowledge and make purchasing decisions. Social selling is about meeting them along the journey and helping them to finalise and complete a selling.

Social selling isn’t about social media or ‘closing the deal on LinkedIn. It is about applying it in your day-to-day routine as part of your overall sales strategy. It is a very human approach to sales, which is something the world needs more of today.

Sales managers are the make or break of this process. Half of the success or failure of any social selling roll-out – whether it is to five sales professionals or five thousand sales professionals – depends on the sales managers. The front-line managers are the ones who are going to ensure accountability and adaptability in the long-term. If sales managers are not involved in the coaching towards the proper digital activities that a sales professional should be doing, it will come to a grinding halt because sales people will simply revert to the natural sales cadence that they have had all these years.

The sales techniques that many of your staff was trained in likely did not include digital processes, which is why it is time to make the shift. We can guide you through the process and give you the tools, techniques and processes you need.

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