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Sales Managers: It’s Time To Audit Your Sales Team’s Social Selling Progress By Sharon Hernstein

As a sales manager, you need to periodically check your sales team’s social selling progress. Here are three things that you should check:


  1. Check Online Brands

People buy from people first. As a front-line sales manager, you need to believe this and treat yourself as a brand within a brand. You also need to make sure that your sales people are treating their online profiles and presence in the same way. Your sales team needs to take their brand seriously and make it very buyer-centric.


  1. Spot Audit: Social-To-CRM

Set up a meeting with each member of your sales force. When they come into your office, ask them what the top five accounts that they are working on at the moment are. Open up the CRM tool that you are using and ask the sales person to outline the people they are dealing with (champions, influencers and decision makers) at these companies. The information in your CRM is just contact records – they aren’t relationships.


The next step is to ask the sales person to pull up their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account (whatever platform is important to their buyers). Ask the sales person to make sure they are connecting, following and ‘socially surrounding’ themselves with these contacts on social media. This should be a 1:1 relationship that the sales person actively manages. If your sales people are logging data into the CRM but they aren’t building relationships with those very same people, then your CRM is pointless.


  1. Set Alerts And Create Lists

Ask your sales people to create Google alerts for their top clients so that they are the first to know about developments within their company. Secondly, ask them to create lists (such as Twitter lists) based on the influencers in their clients’ industries.


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